•  Work tube end seals are required to contain a modified atmosphere and for working with vacuum; vacuum levels of 10 -6 mbar are possible.
•  These end seals are manufactured from stainless steel and are for use with extended work tubes only.
•  They are available to fit work tubes with the following outside diameters: 32, 46, 60, 70, 86, 100, 111, 150 and 165 mm. Other sizes are available at additional cost.
•  The following fittings are available for use with the end seals: blank seal, gas nozzle (inlet/outlet), vacuum flanges (NW16, NW25, NW40 or ISO-K 63) and
thermocouple glands (ø1.5 mm, 3 mm and 10 mm).
•  Where the end seal diameter is large enough, combinations of the above fittings are possible, e. g. gas inlet/out nozzle + thermocouple gland.
•  The end seals are designed for use in combination with insulation plugs or radiation shields.
•  Water cooled end seals are available on request.
•  To accommodate the additional weight of end seals, tube supports are recommended (see as per above picture).