Like most, we started with humble beginnings. In 1975, our company took root as a small family-run business in Melaka that specialised in laboratory chemicals and scientific instruments. While we still operate as a family-run business, much has changed. Today, we have grown to be Malaysia’s largest supplier of Personal Protective Equipment.

Our offerings have expanded to include industrial chemicals, services, customised chemical solutions and more with international clients who have placed their trust in us. Our history is a testament to our commitment to go beyond the expected, to do more, to be more and to serve more.

Our Mission

At Polyscientific, we pride ourselves on doing more than just sell products. Our expertise extends from providing the right products to you, to assistance with stock forecast, to technical expertise, to continuous training and more. We offer a complete and all-encompassing service to our customers, making us a one-stop shop that can fulfill your needs.

Going Beyond The Expected

In all that we do, we strive to take that extra mile. Our service doesn’t stop the moment your order is taken and paid for. For every customer, we seek opportunities for us to service you better – whether it’s innovative solutions, professional advice or anything that will exceed your basic expectations. We believe that this is a difference that makes all the difference.


Rooted within our company are these 3 core values. These beliefs guides our every step and makes up an internal checklist that ensures nothing but the best for our clients.

We Are Experts

Superlatives are often overused, but we strive to live up to them. Excellence is always our goal. With our years of experience, we know the business front to back and are always ready to use our knowledge to help our clients. It is this known mastery that has made us the recognised leader in what we do.

We Care

Some say it’s just business. But we know that every business is run by people, with vested human interest. Instilled in us is this thought of thinking beyond ourselves. Our drive stems from a genuine interest in our client’s needs, in understanding their situation. We build relationships first and then the solutions follow naturally.

We Are Trustworthy

Trust takes years to build but seconds to break. Since our inception, we have been steadfast in creating and upholding a reputation of authenticity and reliability. We’ve established this by only providing authentic quality products with a fulfilment that lives up to the promises we make.