Maintaining a strict standard of hygiene is a critical aspect of your food manufacturing, food services and specialised manufacturing business. If you operate with cleanroom facilities, an even higher level of hygiene is needed to maintain a particle and dust-free environment.

In food industry, single-used products are use towards preventing food-borne diseases. As these products are used only once thus significantly lower the food contamination and spread of diseases. In some national regulations, used of disposable articles is required in situations where reusing multi-use items can cause food borne illness to consumers, single-use articles should be used. Products such as gloves act like a barrier that keeps germs on the hands from spreading to the food, making them essential for preventing food poisoning.

We understand the need for quality products at a competitive price for everyday production use. Great care and attention goes into the selection of our products so it meets your hygiene needs and budget. If there is a hygiene product you require which you do not see below, please feel free to contact our friendly customer service to enquire more.

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