•  A set of narrow pegs for test tubes, volumetric flasks etc. is also available
•  Lightweight, easy to assemble polystyrene draining racks designed to be wall mounted
•  Measures approximately 650 mm high x 450 mm wide
•  Pegs simply slot into place on the back board and are spaced to allow various sizes of labware to fit on to the rack
•  Supplied with wall mounting accessories
•  Water is collected in the trough at the base of the rack and drains away via a rubber tube (not supplied) which can be directed into a nearby sink or container

INFO :- Polystyrene, PS
•  Brittle yet has excellent clarity
•  Moderate chemical resistance
•  Narrow temperature range -40 to +90ºC
•  Not autoclavable at 121ºC
•  Transparent rigid polymer
•  Typically used for container ware