VisCal Kit

The Brookfield VisCal Kit provides all the necessary items to verify calibration of your Viscometer/Rheometer.

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•  An affordable “must have” for all Brookfield Viscometer/Rheometer owners with everything you need in order to verify the calibration of your instrument!
•  Conveniently test the calibration of your viscometer or rheometer with this all-in-one viscosity calibration kit.

  Features and Benefits
•  Everything needed to verify calibration is in one conveniently packaged kit
•  Perfect for the “first time” viscometer/rheometer buyer

  Kit Includes
•  One pint of General Purpose Silicone Fluid
•  One pint of TrapperTM citrus cleaner (100% active natural solvent)**
•  600 mL low form glass beaker
•  Dispensing bottle for Trapper cleaner
•  Literature packaging including “More Solutions to Sticky Problems” and a Brookfield factor finder

Note : **Kits containing Trapper can only be shipped within the United States by ground transportation only. Shipments made outside the United States or
by air transport will not  contain Trapper Solvent.

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