The fully automated VAPODEST® 50s distillation system with integrated titration unit and control via VAPODEST®-Manager combines precision and convenience.
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The design provides the ideal conditions for distillation. All program operations can be monitored and tracked on the display. The system is controlled, data is processed and methods are created with the user-friendly VAPODEST® -Manager control software. This also enables comprehensive and easy integration in a LIMS system.

   System Settings
   •   Basic settings, language selection, settings for: pump calibration, pH calibration, titration, device statistics and much more.
   Defining Methods
   •   All relevant parameters for controlling the distillation/titration are defined, such as method name, results calculation, plausibility criteria etc.
   Sample Input
   •   Specification of the series and input of the sample data such as sample name, weight, types etc.
   •   A series consists of up to 20 samples and can involve different sample types, blank samples and standards.
   •   The sample weights can be imported directly from a set of scales or LIMS.
   Method Execution
   •   All analysis steps are monitored continuously. After the analysis is complete, all the results are displayed immediately.
   Results Tables
   •   Display of the data results, management of the results, information about performing analyses and users, import and export of results and much more.
   Data Export
   •   All relevant data concerning samples, results and methods can be exported into one file. Option to export raw data automatically after every analysis e.g. into LIMS.
   Password Protection and User Levels
   •   User levels with different rights can be assigned to provide data safety and transparency.

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