Vane Spindles

for foods, cosmetics, sealants

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The vane spindles for use with paste-like materials, gels and fluids where suspended solids migrate away from the measurement surface of standard spindles.

•  3-piece spindle set for versatile range capability
•  Brookfield Vane Spindle Set Includes V-71, V-72, and V-73 vane spindles.
•  Follows industry recommendations on length/diameter ratios for vane spindles
•  Keeps particles in suspension during testing cycle
•  Minimal disruption of sample during spindle immersion
•  Optional V-74 and V-75 spindles for even greater range capability and immersion into small size sample containers
•  Provides information on yield behavior at low rotational speeds
•  Viscosity data includes complete flow curve analysis when software is used

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