Ultrasonic Cleaner

The best way to clean your sieves

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•  Designed for cleaning test sieves and is also suitable for general laboratory use.
•  For sieves with smaller apertures and almost any other application the most efficacious method is the use of an ultrasonic cleaner.
•  If this fails t he underside of the mesh may be stroked gently with an Endecotts sieve brush specially designed for use on test
sieves with apertures over 1 mm.
•  Most of the “near mesh size” particles which block the apertures can usually be removed by inverting the sieve and gently tapping the frame.
•  Sieves should be cleaned after each analysis and replaced in their storage containers.

•  A sieve up to 200 mm or 8″ in diameter is placed in the basket in order to commence with the cleaning procedure.
•  It is easy to operate and extremely efficient to use.
•  The all stainless steel construction is ergonomically designed to give a long, trouble free life.
•  The control panel enables the user to set the operating time. Cycle time: 0-15 minutes or continuous.
•  The ultrasonic cleaner is environmentally friendly, operating on 5.7 litres of organic solvent free water.
It is equipped with 4 high frequency transducers 35 KHz at 2 x 240 W.

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