Transferpette S fixed volume pipette is conformity certified and supplied with performance certificate, shelf/rack mount and silicone oil.

•   4-position volume display –  Maximum precision, always easy to read with an integrated lens.
•   Color code – Color indicates volume range
•   Completely autoclavable – The entire instrument can be autoclaved at 121 ºC for maximum protection against contamination.
•   Easy Calibration Technique – Changes from factory settings are externally visible
•   Ejection button – Ergonomically arranged, with color code according to volume range
•   Easy handling – NO switching between ”fill’ and ‘tiratte’
•   Finger rest – The ergonomically designed finger rest takes the load off the hand. You don’t need to grip the pipette tightly, so even
prolonged pipetting operations can be completed with less fatigue.
•   Pipetting button – The centrally mounted, large pipetting button allows uniform smooth movement of the piston.
•   Slim pipette shaft – The slim shaft allows pipetting into narrow vessels, without removing the tip ejector.
•   Tip cone – Due to the optimized standard design pipette tips from BRAND and other manufacturers’ tips can be used.
•   Volume-change protection – A lock prevents unintended volume adjustments.