Transferpette -12

The effortless ease of operation and its unique ergonomic shape make working with the Transferpette -12 piston-operated pipette so comfortable.

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•   Color code – Manifold has volumerange color code for easy visual confirmation while pipetting
•   Easy Calibration Technique – Calibration and adjustments according to ISO 9001 and GLP  are done within seconds.
•   Hand grip – The textured housing ensures a firm grip, and is UV resistant.
•   Manifold – Autoclavable at 121 °C and freely rotated over 360º to adapt to your most comfortable pipetting position.
•   Pipetting key – The side mounted pipetting key reduces hand fatigue, especially when performing serial pipetting operations.
•   Stepped tip ejector – The stepped tip ejector ensures a tight tip seal with minimal tip ejection force.
•   Tip cone – The taper is designed to fit pipette tips from BRAND and most other leading manufacturers tips.
•   Tip ejector cap – Ergonomically arranged, with color code according to volume range.

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