INCUBATOR SHAKERS with linear or circular motion

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•  Cutting-edge incubator shakers based on LABOSHAKE.
•  For homogeneous mixing of organic cultures at a constant temperature and constant speed in continuous operation.
•  The precise temperature monitoring and thermally insulated temperature chamber guarantee stable temperatures.
•  The cultures can be monitored at all times thanks to the transparent front door and the interior lighting.

•  The temperature can be set continuously from 5°C above room temperature up to 60°C and remains precisely constant to within < 1°C.
•  The lighting and temperature can be activated separately.
•  The standard-sized fluorescent lamp can be replaced with a grow light or daylight lamp.


•  Cultures can be observed through transparent front door
•  Energy savings thanks to low heat loss
•  High stability of temperature
•  Interior lighting can be activated separately
•  PLUS: all the benefits of LABOSHAKE

•  Very good equal distribution of temperature


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