for Elevated Temperature Testing

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•  Compatible with standard Brookfield Viscometers and DV3T Rheometers
 Note: Requires optional cable DVP-141
•  Provides control of sample temperature up to +300°C
•  EZ-Lock Option Thermosel is now available with special EZ-Lock spindle coupling for use on standard Brookfield Viscometers/Rheometers already
equipped with the EZ-Lock feature
•  Temperature Ramping between set points is possible if used with RheocalcT (DV3T & DV2T) Software
Note: Requires optional cable HT-106
•  Thermo Container (Heating Chamber)
•  Computer Controlled when usedwith DV2T or DV3T and RheocalcT Software (HT-106 cable required)
•  Programmable Temperature Controller offers single set point or up to 10 programmable set points.
•  Direct Temperature Control Possible with DV2T/DV3T Rheometer

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