Table-Height Refrigerators

Table-height forced-air refrigerators

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Wherever floor space is limited, Liebherr under-worktop refrigerators and freezers utilise niches effectively: on a relatively small footprint, the models with high-quality insulation and optimised components provide outstanding refrigerating capacity.

  Suitable for under-worktop installation and space-saving
•  A vent grille is not possible, with a cross section of at least 200 cm2 is required in the worktop for ventilation at the rear of the appliance.
•  If a ventilation grille is not possible, the aperture height should be at least 3 cm greater than the appliance height. With a height of 83 cm, these models comply
with the working heights in the catering sector.
•  The models can be installed beneath a worktop to use available space effectively.
•  Roller bars are available as an option to allow easy withdrawal from a niche, e.g. for cleaning. Increases unit height by 30 mm.
•  Solid or glass-door refrigerator models are available.
LED interior lighting with FKUv glass door
•  FKUv glass door models are available where product visibility is required.
•  The one-piece door frame is very robust and visually attractive.
•  Energy-effi cient LEDs ensure harmonious and homogeneous illumination of the interior and the products – in an extremely energy-saving manner: LED lights are longer lasting and much more energy-effi cient than conventional fluorescent tubes.
Practical drawers and baskets (for GGU)
•  The table-height freezers come with baskets and/or drawers as standard.
•  These provide practical solutions for handling and storing frozen products.
Energy-efficient with R 600a
•  Liebherr appliances are optimised for best possible energy efficiency and low operating costs.
•  Only the natural and environmentally-friendly refrigerant R 600a is used.
•  In conjunction with highly efficient compressors, it is highly effective – and also future-proof thanks to its low global warming potential.
Self-closing door (only on FKUv)
•  A useful feature in commercial environments: Saves time, protects your products and reduces unnecessary loss of cold air.
  Reversible door hinges
•  The door hinges can easily be reversed to adapt appliances to the installation site.
State-of-the-art electronic control system
•  The models in the FKUv and GGU range are equipped with a high-quality electronic control system with a large temperature display and many practical functions.
•  The control system is installed in the worktop; the temperature can be set accurately between +1°C and +15°C or from -9°C to -26°C on the freezer models.
•  Visual and audible door and temperature alarms alert the user if the temperature rises uncontrollably.
•  In the FKUv models, the non-contact fan cut-out switch reduces the loss of cold air when the door is opened and helps to maintain temperature consistency.
•  The sophisticated defrost control system ensures trouble- and worry-free operation even in case of extreme conditions or frequent door opening.
•  The FKUv models also feature a fan mode selection function with high and low humidity settings to adapt the storage climate to different products.

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