SpeedDigester K-425 / K-436

The entry level IR digester

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Set new standards in terms of digestion speed, flexible use and result reproducibility with the IR SpeedDigester. Achieve an increased sample throughput for nitrogen determination by Kjeldahl digestion and multiply instrument functionality whenever needs are changing.

 Benefits :-
•  All BUCHI sample tubes to be used (100 mL, 300 mL, 500 mL)
•  Dedicated suction module for aqueous samples
•  One instrument for both Kjeldahl and reflux digestion
•  Sample tubes compliant with ISO 6060 for COD or other reflux digestion (e.g. aqua regia)
High Speed and Throughput
•  Accelerated digestion step with continuous addition of H2O2
•  Fast heat transfer of infrared heaters to samples
•  Increased sample throughput due to shortened process time
•  Large time savings due to fast heating and cooling
•  Effective neutralization of fumes by the Scrubber K-415
•  Safe operation and extended lifetime of fume hood
•  Sealed suction module for effective transfer of harmful fumes

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