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Take full advantage of the highest modularity and flexibility of the Sepacore flash chromatography systems using the established SepacoreControl software. Providing complete automation together with optimal flexibility for in-run interaction, this software enables fast and high performance purifications.

  Benefits :-
•  Control of up to two fraction collectors for an extended collection capacity
•  Easy programming of customized collection formats
•  Monitoring of any detector signal in addition to UV-Vis and ELSD
High Performance
•  High yield fraction collection using the dead volume compensation functionality
•  On-line UV scan of the eluting compounds for easy recognition
•  Processing of up to eight detection signals for peak detection and collection
Time Saving
•  Fast separation method optimization with extensive in-run parameter changes
•  Most compounds detected at once with the simultaneous monitoring of four wavelengths in the UV-Vis range

Features :-
•  Change Gradient on the fly
–  Every future segment of the solvent gradient and the flow rate can be changed during a run.
–  Unique functions such as maintaining the current solvent mixture for a certain length of time or adding new gradient segments can be done by just a few clicks.
•  Column Management
–  Database of column specifications, suggest flow rates, maximum pressure ratings for the wide range of BUCHI cartridges and columns.
–  Other cartridges or columns can easily be added to the database.
•  Method Management
–  SepacoreControl enables easy method programming and management.
–  A typical method would be set up by combining the following steps:
•  column cleaning
•  column conditioning
•  purge
•  separation
–  The purge step allows the automated solvent exchange within all tubing e.g. needed for changes from normal phase to reversed phase runs.
•  Manual Pump Control
–  The pumps of the Sepacore system can be controlled manually without programming a method.
–  This helps to condition the system, to be ready for a run e.g. by getting rid of air or fast solvent exchanges.
•  Pause Before End
–  Activating this function pauses the system before the end of the separation step.
–  This allows the end user to check the separation profile and either continue with the separation or change to the next step e.g. cleaning of the column.
•  Run Evaluation
–  SepacoreControl offers multiple user definable features such as peak tracking, the ability to highlight  fractions of interest and to add comments.
–  User-specific flow charts and records can be exported in Excel or as JPG or PDF files.
•  Color coded tube recognition and tube numbering for an easy finding of the desired fraction
•  Zoom in and out as well as taking snap shots to highlight important sections for professional reports
•  Solvent Management
–   A Database of common chromatographic solvents and their parameters such as boiling point, UV limitations and abbreviations.
–   Easily expandable with new solvents and solvent mixtures.

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