for retention samples and tamper-proof packs

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•  Retention samples are kept to provide a sample for comparison at a later date.
•  The unambiguous proof that the retention sample is identical to the original sample is only possible with clearly marked and sealed containers.
•  The seal-it self-adhesive label sticks to all conventional containers.
•  Seal-it can be used to securely seal bottles, sample bags, sacks, specimen bags, envelopes, etc. – in principle any type of container
•  The aluminium foil adapts seal-it to any container shape.
•  The white labelling field on seal-it can be written on with all conventional writing tools with, for example, contents information,sampling date, name of operator, etc.
•  Clear identification via numbers in sequence
•  Integrated control label with the same number, for accompanying documents
•  Format 178 mm long, 30 mm wide
•  Tear-off perforation for each label

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