• S600 spill kit is used to absord biological spills up to 5L of liquid
  • It also can be used on blood
  • Complete with PPE eg. gloves, goggle, disposable coverall and respirator, disposal bag and twist tie

  The kit contain :

1) 4 packs of INERT material with high degree of absorbency
2) 2 pairs of chemical resistance glove
3) 2pcs of chemical goggle
4) 2pcs of N95 activated carbon mask
5) 2pcs of chemical absorbent pillow
6) 10pcs of chemical absorbent pad
7) 1 x 500ml ready-to-use sanitizing chemical in spray bottle
8) 1 x 1L refill ready-to-use sanitizing chemical
9) 5 packs of disinfecting chemical for after clean up (To be diluted into 2L solution with water)
10) 1 set cleaning tool (dustpan & brush)
11) 2pcs of biohazard zipper bag
12) 2pcs of yellow disposable plastic bag & tie
13) 2pcs of disposable apron
14) 3pcs of disposable wiper
15) 2pcs of Dupont Disposable Coverall Tyvek Barrierman
16) 1pc of Yellow PVC kit cover