Rotavapor® R-250

Best performance at highest safety

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We offer highest performance, efficiency and safety. Intuitive operation and handling for reliable and highly productive industrial distillation. By exclusive use of high quality materials, the Rotavapor® R-250 is a long lasting investment.

Benefits :-
Easy and Safe
•  Easy flask handling due to the unique flask coupling
•  Excellent handling by large and easy readable display
•  Highest safety by coated glassware
•  Intuitive operation of the Rotavapor® and its vacuum controller
•  Safe handling and spring-loaded valves protect the glass
•  Long life time due to exclusive use of corrosion-free stainless steel
•  Low maintenance by using highly chemical resistant materials
•  Trouble-free operation thanks to robust industrial valves
High Performing
•  Extended functionality with a wide range of accessories
•  Fast distillation due to high heating capacity
•  Large batches in a flask of 50 liters
•  The best set for every application up due to a wide range of glass configurations

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