Rheo3000 Software

for quick and comprehensive data analysis capabilities with RST series Rheometers

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•  Rheo3000 allows you to program the RST Rheometer and control shear stress or shear rate.
•  Data is saved in a SQL database for easy access by multiple users on a network.
•  Use multiple step test programs for complete characterization of material flow behavior: viscoelastic modulus, yield stress, viscosity flow curve, creep behavior, recovery.
•  In addition, Rheo3000 provides automated analysis of fluid behavior against user-defined control limit values, resulting in better quality control.
•  Mathematical data processing models included are: Newton, Bingham, Casson, Ostwald, Steiger-Ory, and Herschel-Bulkley. Helpful features include:
–  21 CFR compliance option for controlled user access and data security
–  Active clock on screen shows test progress to completion
–  Export reports in pdf format; choose parameters of interest, discard others

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