Reveleris® PREP Purification System

Ideal for using both flash and preparative HPLC

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The Reveleris® PREP purification system is a powerful, high-performance system that combines flash chromatography and preparative HPLC capabilities in a single intuitive instrument. The advanced dual-mode system serves the needs of both organic chemists and preparative HPLC chromatographers, to streamline purification processes.

Benefits :-
•  Choose how and what to collect
•  Choose speed and/or purity
•  Manage the entire purification process yourself
•  Maintain custody of your sample
•  Single click detector sensitivity choice
•  Easy cartridge and column installation
•  Intuitive, simple software interface
•  Large 12” touch screen system control
•  No time consuming fluidics changes required
•  Single click software switches between flash and preparative HPLC
•  3 channel variable UV-Vis and ELS detection
•  Choose flash or preparative HPLC
•  Detects both chromophores and non-chromophores
•  Up to 200 mL/min in both flash and HPLC modes
•  Up to 1700 psi (120 bar) in preparative mode
•  Use both flash cartridges and preparative HPLC columns

Features :-
•  RevealX™ Detection Technology
–  Maximizes recovery of target molecules
–  Reduces post purification work
–  Simplifies fraction collection
–  Improve target purity and recovery
–  Reduce solvent waste/costs
–  Simplify method optimization
–  Shorten run times
•  Simple Switch Between Flash and Preparative LC Modes
–  Easily switch between flash and preparative LC modes with a single touch of the screen.
–  No need for additional hardware connections to switch between modes.
•  Combined flash and prep HPLC
–  Isolation of pure compounds from extract of natural samples is commonly performed by applying chromatography.
–  Reveleris Prep combines both, flash- and preparative high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), in one system and therefore allows a highly efficient
purification of the target compound.

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