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high-precision sample divider

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Samples divided with the high-performance sample divider Repro are characterised by a significantly lower variation between all part-samples. As a result of the vibration of all device components transporting samples, the sample is distributed and divided considerably more evenly and therefore more exact than was previously possible. The cleaning function guarantees complete sample removal, the sample is divided down to the last particle. In this way, the Repro defines a new technological standard and should always be used wherever the best possible analytical results are required. Only when all the links in the sampling chain, sample division and analysis are of the same strength will the results and the conclusions drawn from them lead to success.

•  Accuracy of rotation 0.1 mm
•  Funnel volume 110 ml
•  Sample tubes max. 30 mm Ø, 73 mm height
•  Speed of rotation 100 rpm
•  Customer-specific sample containers : You can still use your usual sample tubes of all shapes and sizes (max. Ø 30 mm, height 73 mm). The sample containers aresimply inserted in the quick-action clamps of the distributor head.
•  Cleaning function/residue removal : Ensures residue-free emptying of the feed channel and the distributor head and guarantees that the whole of the original sample amount is fed  through the sample divider.
•  Sample division in a fume cupboard : The sample divider and control unit are separate, which makes possible a sample division in a fume cupboard, e.g. with toxic substances.
•  The protective cabinet : Allows sample division of toxic substances even without a fume cupboard in a safe room – for the protection of the operating personnel.
•  High quality materials : All parts coming into contact with the sample are made of stainless steel and aluminium equipped with an abrasion-resistant non-stick coating for ideal sample transport. The housing is made of electro-polished stainless steel.
•  Laser diffraction : A typical field of application for the new Repro has opened up in particle size analysis by laser diffraction spectroscopy. Sample amounts of < 0.1 g are used for analyses in the laboratory. The Repro vastly improves the reproducibility and meaningfulness of the results.
•  The pre-divider prevents agglomeration : The pre-divider is an indispensable accessory if agglomerates must be divided. It is attached with little effort instead of the filling funnel.
•  Vibration steplessly adjustable : The strength of vibration of the feed channel and distributor head can be set steplessly between 0 % & 100 %. This means that the material flow, depending on the flow behaviour of the sample, can be controlled during the whole division process.

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