PVS™ Rheometer

1’ x 1’ x 2’ instrument for portable site-to-site mobility

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•  Robust Motor capable of speeds up to 1000 rpm
•  Quick and easy setup in minutes
•  Safety Relief Valve 1000psi (high pressure)
•  Avoids sample boil-off
•  Couette Geometry Outside Cylinder Rotates, “Bob” inside remains stationary, generating shear rates up to 1700 sec-1
•  RTD on the inner cylinder insures accurate sample temperature measurement
•  Test to industry standards
•  Vacuum to high pressure measurements up to 1,000 psi
•  Hastelloy C cup and bobs for operation in severe field environments
•  Low Shear Rate Viscosity (LSRV) measurement to .02 sec-1
•  Fluid Temperature conditions : from -40°C to +260°C

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