•  Can be used with various sizes of bottles due to telescopic down tube
•  Can be used as a siphon by attaching tubing to the outlet tube and after pumping the liquid will flow continuously
•  Liquid is forced into the collecting vessel by squeezing the bulb
•  The flow can be instantly interrupted by pressing the release button
NOTE : Can be used with unistoppers overleaf.

  INFO :- i) Polypropylene, PP
•  Autoclavable at 121ºC
•  Good to excellent chemical resistance
•  Resistant to fatigue making it tough
•  Temperature range -20 to +135ºC
•  Translucent rigid polymer
•  Typically used for beakers, bottles and cylinders

  INFO :- ii) Polyvinylchloride, PVC
•  Moderate chemical resistance
•  Narrow temperature range -25 to +70ºC
•  Not autoclavable at 121ºC
•  Rigid polymer
•  Rigid or flexible, colored or clear
•  Typically used for trays and troughs