Production and Storage Bottles (Carboys)

Flat robust base is ideal for mixing processes with large magnetic stir bars

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•   Available in two mouth sizes: The versatile DIN standard GL 45 or GLS80 wide mouth for easier cleaning, filling and emptying.
•   Also available with an external Polyurethane coating for enhanced scratch resistance, and to contain leakage in the event of damage
•   Feature large, permanent, easy-to-read, white enamel graduations marks.
•   Manufactured from Type 1 borosilicate 3.3 glass for durable performance and resistance to thermal stress.
•   Manufactured with thickened, uniform side walls for higher mechanical strength.
•   Manufactured from inorganic materials (Certified B ST / TSE free)
•   Retrace Code for batch traceability and conformance certification.
•   The glass conforms to American (USP), European (EP) and Japanese (JP) pharmacopoeia standards making the carboys ideal for pharmaceutical production applications.
•   These larger sized bottles / carboys are ideal for bulk storage and handling of both liquid and solid intermediates and final formulations.
•   The coating provides scratch, leak and splinter protection and is ideally suited to both the transport and storage of hazardous media or valuable samples.
•   Typical applications: storage, transport, safekeeping and sampling of substances, easy to use with granulated material, powders and viscous media, sampling of hot media.
•   UV protection up to approx. 380 nm wavelength.
•   With easy-to-read scale and large labelling field for easy marking, in fired-on, highly durable white ceramic.

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