Premium Cap

from TpCh260 (similar to PFA) with PTFE coated silicone seal

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•   Cap is moulded from a dye-free polymer to avoid risk of leaching. Wide usable temperature range from –196 °C to +260 °C.
•   Complete with colourless PTFE coated silicone sealing disk for high leak tightness.
•   Copy available on request. The matching TpCh2601 pouring ring permits drip-free pouring is available separately.
•   Registered as Type III Drug Master File in conjunction with Premium bottle (DMF no. 19757).
•   Replacement PTFE coated silicone sealing disks2 are available.
•   Very high chemical resistance.
•   Typical applications: Due to its exceptional properties, it is ideal for applications in the pharmaceutical industry, storage of aggressive materials, and demanding sterilisation processes such as hot air sterilisation or depyrogenation.

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