Lightweight design and low forces make the PIPETMAN L Fixed series of pipettes an ideal solution of power users.

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Adjustable Tip Ejector Button
•  Adjustable for both right- and left-handed users, this new design makes ejecting tips up to 50% easier versus PIPETMAN Neo.
Graduated Cover
 •  The graduated cover can be readjusted by users in the laboratory for dense and viscous fluids (once reset, the new volume cannot be accidentally changed).
Plastic Tip Ejector
•  For convenient access to the serviceable parts, the tip ejector is equipped with the easy-release clip ejector.
•  The PIPETMAN L Fixed series is only available with plastic tip ejectors.
Push Button
•  The bottom part of the push button is colored blue to make it easy to distinguish between variable and fixed models of pipettes.
•  PIPETMAN L Fixed pipettes complement the already successful PIPETMAN L single and multichannel models by offering a comfortable, lightweight line of pipettes where the volume can never accidently be changed.

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