PFT™ Powder Flow Tester

Affordable testing for powder characterization

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•  The PFT Powder Flow Tester brings quick and easy analysis of powder flow behavior in industrial processing equipment.
•  Evaluate powder discharge from storage containers.
•  Use as QC check for incoming materials.
•  Rapidly characterize new formulations for flowability and adjust composition to match fl ow behavior of established products.
•  Choice of Test Options:
–  Flow Function
–  Time Consolidated Test with Flow Function
–  Wall Friction
–  Bulk Density
•  Choice of Flow Function Tests:
–  Demo (8 minutes)
–  Standard (38 minutes)
–  Time Consolidation (user-defi ned)
•  Real Time Clock Displays:
–  Test Step
–  Remaining Time to Completion
•  Shearing Algorithm Captures:
–  Peak Stress Value
–  Subsequent Stable Stress Value
–  Recognizes “Slip Stick” Materials
•  Data Output:
–  Flow Index for Powder Flowability
–  Arching Dimension (Index)
–  Rat-hole Diameter
–  Hopper Half Angle
–  Gravity Chute Angle (Wall Friction Angle)
–  Bulk Density Curve
•  Compact design with small footprint
•  Tester fits conveniently on workbench
Depth : 15inches / 38cm
Width : 14inches / 36cm
Height : 27inches / 69cm


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