Octagon 200CL

Octagon 200CL for precise, reproducible & error-free sieving processes competes with the most advanced sieve shakers in the world.

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•  Designed to work with Endecotts’ SieveWare, the new software for easy evaluation and documentation of the sieving process.
•  Several unique features have been developed specifically for this machine, including the “Closed Loop” amplitude control for ultimate reproducibility.

•  Accepts up to 8 full height 200 mm or 8″ diameter sieves
•  3D sieving motion allows for high separation efficiency and non blinding sieving action
•  Compact & portable
• “Closed Loop” total amplitude control ensures reproducible sieving
•  Complies with the requirements of AASHTO T 27
•  Digital controls for easy and reliable operation
•  Easy-to-use sieve clamping system
•  Full compatibility with new SieveWare evaluation & control software via RS232 Port (printed or digital protocols)
•  No mechanical moving parts
•  Suitable for dry and wet sieving
•  Voltage-independent

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