Mini Spray Dryer B-290

The world leading R&D solution for Spray Drying

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For more than 30 years BUCHI provides an easy to use product with proven performance. Discover its outstanding efficiency and flexibility.

Benefits :-
Cost Efficient
•  Fast drying process (up to 1 L / h)
•  High yields (up to 70%)
•  Lowest maintenance costs
•  Reproducible powder production at lab scale
•  Small sample amount saves valuable material (> 5 g)
•  Shorter times to optimize formulations
Easy to use
•  Adjustable particle size (2 – 25 microns)
•  Fast setup and cleaning times
•  Intuitive handling
•  Scale up to pilot or industrial scale possible
•  Visible process due to glass assembly
Proven Performance
•  Large range of applications due to :
–  Free access to global application database
–  Local application support by BUCHI
–  Over 400 patents
–  Over 700 publications
–  Thousands of satisfied customers

Features :-
•  Application –  Experienced BUCHI technicians in our laboratories all over the world will be happy to help you configure your specific application.
–  There is also a database containing details of several hundred applications.
•  Application-specific glassware –  Brown glass for light-sensitive products
–  Custom designs also possible
–  Decontamination flask
–  High-performance cyclonic separator for small particles
•  Dehumidifier B-296 –  Constant ambient conditions
–  Condensation of water
–  For use in combination with Inert Loop B-295 for solvents and water-based mixtures
•  Inert Loop B-295 –  Condensation of solvents
–  Feedback of inert gases
–  For working in inert atmospheres
•  Spray solidification bath –  Spray solidification bath for working with molten wax and polymer samples with a melting point of up to 70 °C.
•  Three nozzle variations –  Three-fluid nozzle for spraying immiscible fluids
–  Two-fluid nozzle for particle sizes 2 – 25 µm
–  Ultrasonic Package for particle sizes 10 – 60 µm

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