Mettler Toledo BPA121

Portable Scale – Safe, Durable, Hygienic


Regulatory Compliance
•  Housing and platter are built with materials that are compliant to food-industry regulations
•  Compliance with RoHs directives makes the scale an environmentally friendly tool.

Basic hygienic design
•  The scale surface is smooth and designed to facilitate and accelerate cleaning procedures
•  Exposed screws cannot be separated from the plastic housing to ensure food safety

Easy to clean
•  The load cell, PCB and other moisture-sensitive components can be easily removed

 Low power consumption
•  The standard configuration includes a power adaptor and a lead-acid rechargeable battery
•  A long battery operating time helps to reduce the efforts on battery charging

  Easy to charge
•  The lead-acid rechargeable battery can be charged on scale
•  The ergonomic design lets you take the battery out of its chamber easily

 Bright LED display
•  The adjustable brightness of the LED display helps to save energy and makes the workplace more ergonomic

Resistant to water and dampness
•  This scale is built to withstand wet and harsh conditions. With a long lifetime in wet and harsh environments, you can be assured of less maintenance and downtime.

 All-around protection
•  Super overload protection and package protection ensures safe applications and avoids possible damage during transportation

 Optimized firmware
•  An embedded data label and smart counter ensures traceability
•  The stabilization time of less than 0.6s supports fast weighing and improves efficiency

  Easy to carry
•  The convenient and portable design makes the scale easy to carry with only one hand

Battery indicator
•  Operations don’t need to stop due to a dead battery. An intuitive indicator informs you of battery life so you can charge as needed, avoiding unexpected downtime

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