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Freeze Drying with Infinite-Control™

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The Lyovapor™ Software provides Infinite-Control™ for the Lyovapor™ L-200 and Lyovapor™ L-300. For the first time in Freeze Drying, Quick-Design offers a fast way of programming and starting methods. Furthermore, real-time process tracking and customizable reportings are included.

Benefits :-
Easy to Use
•  Intuitive to use software
•  Methods can be easily adjusted while running
•  Quick Design as a fast way to program and start methods
•  Remote monitoring on mobile devices
•  Track runs due to real-time data recording
•  Track several BUCHI instruments at the same time
•  Real-time tracking with process graphs and schematics
•  Sample protective mode prevents collapse temperature and pressure rise
•  Stay informed by push messages

Features :-
•  Customized Reporting
–  The software tracks all the sensor parameters and individual reports can be created with all the necessary data.
•  Method Database
–  All methods can be stored in an independent database and will be available for further runs and can be changed on any computer on your network.
•  Method Start
–  All methods can be started and changed while running from your desk or on the Interface Pro.
•  Quick-Design
–  Easy graphical method of programming sets up your process quickly.
•  Sample Protective State
–  If the sample temperature rises above the set collapse temperature or the pressure is outside the safety range then the sample pretective state is activated
–  This reduces the pressure and stops the shelf heating
•  Status Graph
–  All the data can be shown real-time in an animated process schematic and on a graph making it easy to identify events.

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