Sample collector for liquids

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•  Made of ultra pure and chemically inert PTFE/FEP or PP for contamination-free sampling.
•  Sampling from open and closed containers, barrels, tanks, silos, water courses.
•  Suitable for all commercially available barrels and containers with opening of at least 25 mm in diameter.
•  Push-buttons colour-coded to prevent mix-up, available as optional accessories.
•  Easy cleaning – all surfaces are free of pores and crevices, preventing accumulation of dirt.
•  Only round screw threads proven in foodstuffs hygiene are used. Disassembly and cleaning are extremely simple.
•  Practical one-handed use at the push of a button
•  With scraping ring for marking of depth and cleaning
•  Point sampling, all-layer and soil samples possible

All-layer sample
1. Slowly insert the LiquiSampler into the liquid with the button pressed.
2. Release the push-button, the valve closes.
3. Withdraw the lance and take out the sample.
Point sampling/soil sample
1. Insert the LiquiSampler to the targeted point/to the ground with closed valve.
2. Press the button – the liquid flows in.
 3. Release the push-button, the valve closes.
 4. Pull out the LiquiSampler, take out the sample.


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