LABOSHAKE Heavy-Load Shaker

LABORATORY SHAKERS with linear or circular motion

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•  LABOSHAKE handles heavy loads without difficulty, including in continuous operation.
•  Stable, precisely machined components securely accommodate the shaking media.
•  The sophisticated design of bearings and transmission parts guarantees a constant shaking speed.
•  Up to 9 speed/time programs can be programmed, each with up to 9 different program steps, and then retrieved again.
•  The shaking speed can be programmed continuously from 20 to 200 min-1.
•  For rest periods, speed 0 is available, e.g. to stimulate reactions or allow reactions to subside.
•  Can take loads of up to 30 kg
•  Corrosion-resistant plastic housing
•  Diverse range of accessories
•  Easy to operate
•  Large shaking platform
•  Optimum use of space thanks to tiered attachments
•  RS-485 interface

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