KST, KZS, KVT and KVZ – Large Split Tube Furnaces

The K range horizontal and vertical split tube furnaces have been designed for use with work tubes or reactor vessels up to 200 mm outer diameter.

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The furnace body is hinged and split into two along its length and is held closed with over-centre clamps providing easy access to reactors or work tube. These furnaces can be used for many applications such as heating reactors in pilot plant or the manufacture of plastic parts in the automotive industry.

The large diameter of the K range furnaces is perfect for heat treatment of wafers and fuel cells.

Extended length work tubes of 200 mm diameter are possible in quartz and APM.

  Standard features
•  1200°C maximum operating temperature
•  3-zone models fitted with 1 x Carbolite Gero 301 PID controller and 2 x 2132 slave end zone controllers
•  Furnace splits into two halves and accommodates tubes or samples fixed into a test rig
•  Heated length of 600 or 1200 mm
•  Single zone models fitted with Carbolite Gero 301 PID controller with single ramp to setpoint and process timer
•  To suit work tubes or work pieces up to an outside diameter of 200 mm
•  Wire elements in high quality vacuum formed insulation ensure fast heat up, excellent temperature uniformity and short cool down times

  Options (specify these at time of order)
•  300 mm diameter on request
•  Horizontal or vertical configurations
•  Over-temperature control; recommended for unattended operation and to protect a valuable load

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