KjelFlex K-360

Broad application flexibility

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Perform Kjeldahl nitrogen or protein determination and additional steam distillation in the most flexible way. The modular setup allows to adapt the KjelFlex K-360 at any time including a wide selection of titrators to guarantee smooth and easy operation.

  Benefits :-
•  Customizable analysis methods for multi-purpose use
•  Connection to various external titrators for semi-automated processing
•  Modern instrument software enabling convenient routine use
•  Modular concept to adapt to changing needs
Data Security
•  Data export on USB printer for documentation purposes
•  No unauthorized use due to password protection
•  Storage of results on the instrument (titrant consumption)
•  Acid resistant pump for additional steam distillation applications
•  Choice of glass or plastic splash protector
•  Reduction of steam power for gentle distillation
•  Wide selection of titrators for colorimetric or potentiometric procedures

Features :-
•  Acid Resistant Pump
–  Extend your range of applications by programmable dosing of strong acids to the sample tube.
•  Expansible Peripherals
–  Depending on your needs, connection of an external titrator and level sensors, dosing unit for back titration, bar code reader and printer are possible.
  External Titrator
–  Connect the KjelFlex K-360 to titrators from different suppliers for a semi-automated distillation and titration process.
•  Scientific Mobile Apps
–  Manage your data with ease for a more efficient daily routine.
•  Kjeldahl Optimizer
•  Kjeldahl Reports
•  Splash Protector
–  Choose between the long-life plastic splash protector or the glass splash protector for visual control of the chemical reaction.
•  User Safety
–  No contact with hazardous chemicals due to automatic aspiration of sample tube and/or receiving vessel.


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