KJELDATHERM® KT/KT-L Block Digestion Units

The components of your Kjeldahl system are so easy to configure that they will fit perfectly into your everyday laboratory work.

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The KJELDATHERM® range offers high-precision, programmable digestion units for Kjeldahl digestion in 100, 250 or 400 ml digestion tubes. Depending on the sample volume, you can choose between 8, 20 or 40 place systems.
•  Illuminated digestion chamber
•  Pre-heating function for warming up the digestion block
•  Version KT-L has programmable lift functio
•  Insert racks with numbered sample positions
•  Standardised conditions for digestion
•  Comprehensive range of accessories…


•  Aluminium digestion block with optimum energy utilisation and effective all-round insulation
•  Enamelled, acid-resistant surfac
•  Sample tubes and extraction unit made of high quality Duran® glass
•  Housing is extra corrosion-protected…

•  Control accuracy +/- 0.5%
•  99 programs with max. 40 heating stages can be programmed
•  30 predefined methods
•  Variable heating speeds…

  •  Acoustic and visual error warnings
•  Drip tray for collecting acid residue
•  Exhaust equipment switches on automatically
  •  Safety temperatures can be set
•  Thermally insulated handles
•  Overheating protection…

•  Lighting and side windows enable the standard requirement to monitor for sample residues
•  Password protection
•  User levels with access rights
•  Saves up to 30 digestion processes with temperatures, date and timestamp
•  Data export for LIMS
•  Supports the requirements of ISO 17025, GLP etc.
•  Can be used for standard-compliant results (e.g. DIN EN ISO, AOAC, EPA, ASTM, EU Directive, APHA, Ph.Eur. 2.5.33 Method 7, Procedure A)
  Large selection of sample tubes and insert racks
  Different tube sizes and shapes can be used for every conceivable application, expanding the possibilities many times over.
•  Sample tubes: 250/300 ml, 100 ml and 400 ml
•  Insert racks: 8-place, 20-place, 40-place

  KJELCAT catalyst tablets

  Highly effective catalyst tablets for a wide variety of applications. Perfectly coordinated for use with C. Gerhardt digestion units. Available in packaging units of 1,000 pieces.
•  Anti-foaming tablets for strongly foaming samples
•  KJELCAT catalyst tablets, e.g. type Se, Cu, CuTi or Cu light


  Compact scrubber system for extraction and neutralisation of aggressive acid fumes.

  KT Eco Kit

  The KT Eco Kit, consisting of a thermoplate (available for KT 20 or higher) and fan, is the perfect enhancement for laboratories with a high sample throughput and modern energyefficiency standards. The plate covers the heated block, preventing unnecessary heat losses during the cooling phase. The additional fan significantly accelerates cooling of the samples even further. Both accessory parts are also available separately.
  •  Significantly accelerated cooling phase for samples enables quicker transfer to VAPODEST®

–  30 min. without equipment
–  20 min. with thermoplate
–  15 min. with fan
–  11 min. with complete KT Eco Kit*
•  The thermoplate keeps the heat in the block up to three times longer*
•  The thermoplate can be stored with the attachment on the block to save space
•  The fan, which is available individually, can also be used to reduce the block to an ideal starting temperature for the next digestion in the case of samples with a
     high water content.

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