Kettle Deep-Fry Thermometer

Model #: 3270-05-5


•  It features an adjustable stainless steel vessel clip
•  The 3270-05 Professional Turkey Deep-Fry thermometer is perfect for the kettle method of deep frying a turkey

   Product Specifications
  Mounting        Adjustable Vessel Clip
  Vessel Clip       Yes
       Perfect for using kettle method for deep fried turkey
  Temperature Range        50° to 550°F / 10° to 285°C
  Temperature Accuracy        ±10°F / ±5°C
  Housing Material        Stainless Steel
  Flange Diameter        2.5″ / 6.3cm
  Dial Diameter        2.5″ / 6.3cm
  Shaft Length        15″ / 38.1cm
  Shaft Diameter        0.250″ / .635cm
  Weight        5.5oz / 156g

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