Interface I-300

Central control of all process parameters

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The Interface I-300 is the central control unit for all process parameters of a Rotavapor® R-300 system. This includes rotation speed, temperature (heating, cooling, vapor) and pressure. Various distinct operating modes (e.g. automatic, dynamic, manual distillation, drying etc.) increase efficiency and convenience of rotary evaporation processes.

Benefits :-
•  Central touch screen control and regulation of all process parameters at a glance such as rotation speed, heating/cooling/vapor temperature and pressure
•  Easy plug & play integration to a Rotavapor® R-300 system at any time
•  Remote monitoring on smart phones including push notifications and live view
•  Unattended operation (optional):
–  Automatic distillation with AutoDest sensor
–  Foam sensor for foaming samples
•  Perfectly synchronized processing thanks to centrally controlled rotary evaporator, heating bath, speed-controlled vacuum pump and recirculating chiller
•  Stand-alone operation to locally control a central vacuum system
•  The flexibility of the interface allows installation and convenient operation from multiple positions:
–  Fume hood or lab bench wall
– Rotavapor® handle
– Vacuum pump

Features :-
•  Dynamic distillation – The distillation process starts directly after choosing the solvent from the library.
– While chiller and bath reach their set temperature, the vacuum is dynamically adjusted.
•  Drying mode – The drying mode alternates rotation direction in user-defined intervals over a set time period to enhance drying solids.
•  Favorites – Preferred solvents, leak test and other functions can be saved as favorites for quick access.
•  Intuitive navigation – Convenient and user-friendly navigation knob, four function keys for quick access and overall stop.
•  Leak test – An integrated test checks the tightness of the system and displays the result.

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