Inert Loop B-295

The safe way to spray dry organic solvents
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The Inert Loop is the perfect accessory to enable the Mini Spray Dryer B-290 and the Nano Spray Dryer B-90 to handle organic solvents safely. Furthermore, it conserves resources and environment due to its functional principle.

Benefits :-
Cost Effective
•  Fast installation
•  Low consumption of inert gas
•  Recovers the organic solvents
•  Space saving due to integrated trolley
Environmentally Sustainable
•  Cooling circuit recovers organic solvents (-20 °C)
•  “Closed loop” approach minimizes pollution and protects the environment
•  Eliminates instrument damage during the process with organic solvents
•  Enables the BUCHI Spray Dryers to work with organic solvents safely
•  Explosion free Spray Drying due to inert gas atmosphere
•  Optional combination with the Dehumidifier B-296 for mixtures of solvents and water
•  Prevent explosive conditions due to oxygen and pressure control

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