IKA 20002620

RCT Basic IKAMAG safety control Magnetic stirrers with heating

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•   Bushing according to DIN 12878 for connecting a contact thermometer, e.g. ETS-D5, enables precise temperature control
•   Digital error code display
•   Exact temperature and speed setting via digital display, even when switched off
•   Enclosed assembly (IP 42) guarantees long service life
•   High level of safety thanks to improved heat control technology
•   Highly polished aluminium heating plate for optimum heat transfer
•   Hot Top indicator >> hot surface warning to prevent burns!
•   Incl. PT 1000 temperature sensor (PT 1000.60)
•   Integrated temperature control
•   Improved magnetic adhesion
•   Incl. protection cover H 100
•   Safety magnetic stirrer with heating, suitable for unsupervised operation
•   Set safety temperature limit displayed digitally
•   With adjustable safety circuit of heating plate temperature (50 – 360 °C)
•   Now with new technology for more capacity
•   New: stronger motor for a higher range of speeds
•   New: Additional temperature control mode for faster heating of medium

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