Glass Body Reference Electrode for Measurements with Remote Filling


The HI5314 is a glass body, refillable, double junction, half-cell reference electrode with a 4 mm banana connector. This electrode has a double ceramic junction in the outer reference cell and a side arm construction. This design consideration is made for use in applications that require remote filling in temperatures ranging from -5 to 100°C.

•  Double Ceramic Junction
•  Refillable Electrode
•  Side Arm Construction

  The HI5314 uses a glass body, double ceramic junction, side arm construction and is refillable with 3.5M KCl.
Glass Body
•  The glass body is ideal for laboratory use.
•  The glass is resistant to many harsh chemicals and is easily cleaned.
•  The glass body also allows for a fast transfer of heat to the internal reference electrolyte.
•  The mV generated by the reference cell is temperature dependent.
•  The faster the equilibrium the steadier the reference potential.

  Double Ceramic Junction
•  The double ceramic junction allows a faster flow rate of electrolyte from the reference into the solution.
•  A standard pH electrode will use a single ceramic junction that allows for 15 to 20 µL/hour of electrolyte to flow; the HI5314 has two ceramic junctions,
providing for 30 to 40 µL/hour of electrolyte to flow.
•  This higher flow rate provides faster electrode response and more stable measurement in viscous solutions or samples of low conductivity, such as pure
water, where a long stabilization time is often observed.

  Side Arm Construction
•  The HI5314 is a refillable probe via the special side arm construction.
•  Because of this special recharge system, it is possible to connect an outside container that will increase the amount of electrolyte of the reference half
cell and thus, the pressure inside the electrode. By so doing, the junction has the ability to work in high pressure environments without the danger of implosion.
•  Since it is a double junction reference electrode the fill solution is the HI7082 3.5M KCl.
•  This solution does not contain any silver as with single junction electrode.
•  The absence of silver will prevent any silver precipitate from forming at the junction surface and clogging it. Clogging of the junction will result in drifty and erratic readings.

  4 mm Connector
•  The HI5314 uses a 4 mm banana connector.
•  This type of connector is easily plugged into the reference input on suitable meters.
•  Other type of connectors include BNC, DIN, screw type, T-type, and 3.5mm to name a few.
•  These types of connectors tend to be proprietary for a particular type of meter and are not interchangeable.


    Body Material                          :  glass
    Reference                                :  double, Ag/AgCl
    Junction / Flow Rate               :  ceramic, double
    Electrolyte                               :  3.5M KCl
    Max Pressure                           :  3 bar with back pressure
    Diameter                                 :  12 mm
    Body Length / Overall Length  :  120 mm / 163.4 mm
    Recommended Operating

Temperature                            :


-5 to 100°C (23 to 212°F)

    Cable                                      :  1 m (3.3′)
    Connection                             :  Banana
    Applications                            :  measurements with remote filling
    Warranty                                 :  6 months

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