Silver ORP Half-Cell Electrode with BNC Connector


The HI5110B is a glass body ORP half-cell electrode with a BNC connector. This sensing electrode is made with a silver ring and is to be used in conjunction with a reference half-cell electrode. This design consideration is ideal for use in argentometric titrations.

•  BNC Connector
•  Half-Cell Design
•  Silver Sensing Ring

  The HI5110B uses a silver ring and glass body.
Glass Body
•  The glass body is ideal for laboratory use.
•  The glass is resistant to many harsh chemicals and is easily cleaned.
•  The glass body also allows for a fast transfer of heat to the internal reference electrolyte.
•  The mV generated by the reference cell is temperature dependent.
•  The faster the equilibrium the steadier the reference potential.

  Silver Sensing Ring
•  The HI5110B has a silver ring as part of the indicating electrode.
•  This silver ring is also known as a “silver-billet.” In argentometric titrations that involve silver ions, it is necessary to ensure the silver billet has a
silver-halide coating for an accurate ORP endpoint to be determined.

  BNC Connector
•  The HI5110B uses a BNC connector.
•  This type of connector is universal in that it can be used on any pH meter that has the female BNC probe input.
•  Other type of connectors include DIN, screw type, T-type, and 3.5mm to name a few.
•  These types of connectors tend to be proprietary for a particular type of meter and are not interchangeable.


    Body Material                           :  glass
    Half Cell                                    :  Ag
    Range                                       :  mV
    Tip Shape                                 :  cylindrical (dia: 3mm)
    Diameter                                   :  12 mm
    Body Length / Overall Length   :  120 mm / 163.5 mm
    Recommended Operating

Temperature                             :


0 to 70°C (32 to 158°F)

    Cable                                        :  coaxial
    Connection                               :  BNC
    Applications                             :  argentometric titration
    Warranty                                   :  6 months

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