Olive Oil Acidity Test Kit


The HI3897 Olive Oil Acidity Test Kit is a user-friendly way to determine the percent acidity of your olive oil. The percent acidity of olive oil is a direct indicator of its quality, classification, and freshness. Normally, testing acidity is a complicated process requiring the use of various chemicals in a laboratory environment. The HI3897 kit utilizes a titration method where the endpoint is visually determined when the color changes from yellow-green to pink. With the Olive Oil Acidity Test Kit, it is possible to test the quality of olive oil at various stages of processing and storage to monitor and maintain the highest quality.

•  Calibrated dosing syringe
•  Single use solvent bottles
•  Speedsafe™ magnetic stirrer

Features at-a-glance
Complete setup
•  All required materials are included with the test kit, such as the one-time-use solvent bottles, titrant solution, calibrated syringe, and magnetic stirrer.

  High resolution
•  Readings from 0.00 to 1.00% acidity are determined to 0.01% (0.01 mL) resolution.

  Replacement reagents available
•  There is no need to buy a new kit when reagents are exhausted. A new reagent kit containing titrant solution and organic solvent bottles for 10 tests can be ordered individually.

  Significance of Use

•  Acidity (as % oleic acid) is the most fundamental measurement of olive oil. It is the primary indicator of olive oil purity and freshness.
•  The quality of olive oil is directly related to the degree of breakdown of the fatty acids in the oil. As the bound fatty acids break down, free fatty acids are formed, increasing the percent acidity of the oil.
•  Acidity is a measure of the free fatty acids present in the oil, which is directly related to its purity. The quality of olive oil can be adversely a™ffected during either maturation or by environmental conditions.
•  Mishandling, processing, and bruising during harvesting can also contribute to a breakdown of fatty acids and an increase in free acidity. Improper and/or long-term storage can cause olive oil to break down and become rancid.
•  Regular acidity testing is the best way to ensure and maintain quality and freshness. Acidity is used to discriminate an extra virgin olive oil from all other olive oils.
•  According to the CEE 2568/91 regulation, olive oil is considered extra virgin when its acidity level is below 1%. A low acidity value also indicates a natural extraction process occurred soon after olive harvesting.


  CTK Type : Titration
  Dimensions: HI3897: 112 x 390 x 318 mm (4.4 x 15.4 x 12.5’’)
HI180: dia. 137 mm x 51 mm (h) (5.39 x 2”)
  Weight : 640 g (1.4 lbs.)
  Ordering Information: HI3897 is supplied with 6 ready-to-use bottles of organic solvent (40 mL each) with 1 magnetic bar each, HI180I/MB magnetic stirrer, 5.0 mL calibrated syringe for oil dosing, 1.0 mL calibrated syringe for titrant dosing with tip, titrant solution (20 mL bottle), rugged carrying case, and instructions.

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