Sulfate Test Kit


The HI38000 is a chemical test kit that uses a turbidimetric method to measure sulfate. The HI38000 is supplied complete with all of the reagents and equipment necessary to perform approximately 100 tests. The HI38000 is a chemical test kit that determines the sulfate concentration in two ranges: 20 to 30 mg/L and 30 to 100 mg/L.

•  All reagents marked with expiration date and lot number for traceability
•  Pre-made reagents for ease of use
•  Visual indicator for simple determination

Features at-a-glance
Complete setup
•  All required materials are included with the test kit, such as the glass test tube. plastic pipette, spoon, reagent bottles and packets.

  High resolution
•  Readings from 20 to 30 mg/L are determined to 5 mg/L resolution.
•  Readings from 30 to 100 mg/L are determined to 10 mg/L resolution.

  Replacement reagents available
•  There is no need to buy a new kit when reagents are exhausted. The HI38000-10 can be ordered to replace the reagents supplied with the kit.

  Significance of Use
•  Sulfate is widely present within natural waters in different concentrations. Sulfate concentration is to be kept within a strict range for drinking water, especially since this value can be high near mine drainage points.
Sulfate is also rigorously tested in the production of beverages such as beer, due to its significant effect upon odor and taste.


  Range                        : 20 to 30 mg/L (ppm) SO₄²⁻; 30 to 100 mg/L (ppm) SO₄²⁻
  Resolution                 : 5 mg/L (20 to 30 mg/L range); 10 mg/L (30 to 100 mg/L range)
  Method                      : barium chloride
  Number of Tests         : 100
  Ordering Information : HI38000 test kit comes with 100 packets sulfate reagent A, 53 g sulfate reagent B, 10 mL complexing agent, 50 mL glass test tube, 50 mL plastic vessel, 3 mL plastic pipette, and spoon.

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