Digital Gel Filled PEI Body ORP Electrode for Field Applications


The HI36200 is a PEI body, single junction ORP electrode with a built-in temperature sensor. This electrode has a single ceramic junction in the outer reference cell and the ORP sensing pin is made with platinum. The HI36200 electrode features a built-in microchip that stores sensor type, serial number, and calibration information. This probe connects to the meter with a 3.5 mm connector. The 3.5 mm connector is proprietary to meters that use digital electrodes. This electrode also features a rugged PEI (polyetherimide) body that has the chemical resistance of a glass body in an unbreakable plastic making it ideal for field and industrial applications.

•  3.5 mm Connector
•  Gel Electrolyte
•  Platinum Sensing Pin

  The HI36200 features a platinum sensing pin, PEI body, and a single ceramic junction.
PEI Body
•  The body of the HI36200 is composed of polyetherimide (PEI) resin.
•  The PEI body is suitable for a wide range of applications and excels in field measurements due to its durability.
•  The shielding around the spherical glass tip minimizes breakage due to accidental bumping or dropping of the electrode.
•  The PEI plastic is a high quality plastic that is chemically resistant to many aggressive chemicals.

  Single Ceramic Junction
•  The outer junction of an electrode, also known as a salt bridge, is necessary component of the electrical circuit.
•  The movement of ions must flow through the junction for a steady reading.
•  The outer reference has a single ceramic frit.  Other junction types are available with higher flow rates and made with different materials.

  Platinum Sensing Pin
•  The HI36200 ORP sensor is made with platinum.
•  An ORP sensor must be chemically inert; it cannot be oxidized or reduced itself. It must also have the proper surface characteristics to
promote rapid electron exchange, a property known as high exchange current density.
•  Two noble metals have proven to work well for this purpose: pure platinum and pure gold are both used in the construction of ORP sensors.
•  The platinum sensor is often preferred because it is mechanically simpler and safer to produce. Platinum can be welded to glass and has the same thermal coefficient.
•  The platinum sensor signal is carried through the electrode body, and together with the reference signal is conducted to the measurement meter.

  Built-in Microchip
•  The built-in microchip stores sensor type, serial number and calibration information including date, time, offset, slope, probe condition and buffers used.
•  This information is automatically retrieved by edge® once the electrode is plugged in.
•  The ability to transfer information allows for hot swapping of probes without having to recalibrate.
•  All pH measurements are performed within the electrode and transferred digitally to the meter.
•  This overcomes any noise issues associated with the traditional high impedance analog measuring system.
•  Electrical noise can be generated from a built in temperature sensor and while working in a humid environment.


    Range                                   :  ORP: ±2000 mV
    Body                                     :  PEI
    Reference                              :  single, Ag/AgCl
    Junction                                :  ceramic, single
    Electrolyte                             :  gel
    Max. Pressure                        :  2 bar
    Tip Shape                             :  platinum pin
    Diameter                               :  12 mm
    Body Length/Overall Length  :  120 mm / 163.5 mm
    Matching Pin                         :  no
    Amplifier                               :  yes
    Digital                                   :  yes
    Recommended Operating

Temperature                          :


-5 to 70°C (23 to 158°F)

    Temperature Sensor              :  yes
    Cable                                    :  1 m (3.3’)
    Connection                           :  3.5 mm connector
    Applications                          :  field applications
    Warranty                               :  6 months

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