Combination Glass-body ORP Electrode – Platinum Sensor, T-type Connector


This combination glass-body ORP electrode is designed for industrial applications with features such as platinum sensor, a cloth junction, and T-type connection. With it’s durable design, you can count on this electrode to stand up to your process environment.

•  Built for everyday, demanding use in industrial applications
•  Combination glass-body ORP electrode.
•  Screw cap connector and PG 13.5 thread.

Combination Electrode
•  Single combined electrode that has both sensing and reference components for added convenience.

 Glass Body
•  Glass body electrodes are easier to clean, can withstand high pressure and high temperature applications, and offers high resistance to aggressive chemicals.

  Platinum Sensor
•  Provides the best response over a wide range of applications.

  T-type Connector
•  Designed by Hanna to take advantage of both PG 13.5 thread and screw cap.
•  The PG 13.5 thread ensures proper in-line installation while the screw cap allows for maximum versatility making it possible to connect a cable of different lengths.

  Cloth Junction
•  Clear the junction by simply extracting 1/8” of the junction from the electrod to expose a new portion, resulting in a renewed junction.

Double Junction Technology with Gel Polymer Filling
•  Ensure long electrode life and reliability in harsh environments.


    Junction Type/Flow Rate  : Double, cloth
    Type of Electrolyte           : Polymer
    Body Material                  : Glass
    Glass Type                       : (-15 to 80°C/ 5 to 176°F)
    Tip / Shape                      : Platinum
    Matching Pin                   : No
    Max. Pressure                  : 3 bar (43.5 psi)
    Overall Length                 : 140mm
    Temperature Sensor         : No
    Connector Type               : T-type
    Amplifier                         : No
    Probe Mounting               : PG 13.5 Thread

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