edge® Wine pH Meter (kit)


edge digital pH meter for wine kit delivers precision while offering simplicity and versatility in a sleek design. Upgrade to the Hanna edge® wine pH kit for professional winemakers. The HI2020W allows you to add a conductivity probe and a dissolved oxygen probe to give you full versatility. Fast results, ultra-accurate, hassle-free analysis.

  •  Complete meter kit for measuring pH in wine.
•  CAL Check™ feature ensures the accuracy of the meter
•  Great for professional and home winemakers.

The edge HI2020W wine pH meter kit includes all the necessary supplies to determine the pH of wine must and juice accurately. The meter supplied with the HI2020W is the multiparameter edge, HI2020. The HI2020 is an advanced meter that is rich in features including using digital electrodes that can be swapped out anytime to switch to a different parameter, built in rechargeable battery, two USB ports, datalogging, automatic calibration, GLP (good laboratory practice) data for last calibrations, and Hanna’s exclusive calibration check feature that will alert the user to potential problems during calibration including when to clean the electrode and when the buffer might be contaminated. The HI2020 is a versatile pH meter for winemaking that be used as a benchtop, portable and even a wall mount to conserve space. The HI2020 is one of the most advanced meters available but  the most important aspect in measuring pH is having the correct sensor for the application.

The HI2020W wine kit is packaged with the HI10480 in place of the normally supplied HI11310. The HI10480 is a specially designed pH electrode that is resistant to clogging to the solids found in grape juice and must. This double junction, refillable pH electrode has a unique ground glass junction and PTFE sleeve to provide unsurpassed performance for the wine industry.  A standard pH electrode will have a ceramic junction that can be easily clogged by solids. When this happens the pH readings will be erratic and drift over time before stabilizing on the actual pH value of the wine sample. The HI10480 with CPS technology will prevent the junction from clogging. The HI10480 is a digital electrode that when used with the edge HI2020 will change the default buffer set from pH 4.01and  7.01 to  pH 3.00 and 7.01.

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