Flow-thru Monitoring ORP Electrode for PCA Series Process Analyzers


HI2008 ORP electrode is used with PCA330 analyzer to continuously measure the ORP of the sample stream.

•  A PEI protective sleeve gives the electrodes resistance against mechanical stress.
•  Built for everyday, demanding use in industrial applications.
•  Gold sensor for measurement of cyanide or highly oxidative environments.

Spherical Glass Tip
•  The spherical shaped tip design allows for a wide area of contact with the sample.
•  This permits a faster electrode response with a higher degree of stability.
•  The bulb is protected by a PEI sleeve that gives the electrode resistance against mechanical stress.

  Double Junction Technology
•  In order to reduce normal contamination coming from industrial use, these electrodes combine a polymer reference and double junction technology.
•  With this technology, no refilling is required and the electrode can be used in samples such as organic compounds, proteins and heavy metals.

  PVDF Body
•  Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) is a plastic that is resistant to most chemicals and solvents.
•  It has high abrasion resistance, mechanical strength, and resistance to ultraviolet and nuclear radiation.
•  PVDF is also resistant to fungal growth.

  Built-in Amplifier
•  Features a built-in amplifier, which allows for measurements to be taken far from the location of the instrument without requiring a transmitter.

  PTFE Junction
•  This type of junction is often used on electrodes with polymer electrolytes.
•  Porous polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is a hydrophobic material that is available with different porosities that helps to minimize clogging.
•  Because of its chemical advantages, PTFE is widely used in industrial applications.

 External Thread
•  The ½” NPT thread of the HI1001 front end allows for in-line installation while the 3/4″ threads on the back end (cable side) allows for submersion mounting.


    Description                      :  ORP Electrode with Gold Sensor
    Junction Type/Flow Rate :  double, PTFE
    Type of Electrolyte           :  Polymer
    Glass Type                       :  GP (-5 to 80°C)
    Tip / Shape                      :  Spherical
    Matching Pin                   :  Yes
    Max. Pressure                  :  6 bar (87 psi)
    Overall Length                 :  124 mm
    Cable                               :  0.5 m
    Connector Type               :  DIN

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