Temperature T-Logger with Locking Wall Cradle


The HI143 T-Logger temperature datalogger is the most economical and secure way of continuously monitoring temperature over long periods of time. This model is housed in a water-resistant casing that protects and prevents dust and water from entering the data logger. The HI143 T-Logger can be setup and controlled with the provided PC software, along with a USB communication cradle.

•  Password security protection
•  Programmable alarms
•  Store up to 4,000 readings

The HI143 T-Logger temperature datalogger is housed in a smooth, yet tough, watertight casing that keeps dust and water from entering. It can be placed with goods that are in transit, on supermarket shelves or in warehouses. The HI143 T-Logger records the temperature at a given interval to ensure that perishable goods are not left unattended, such as on a loading dock on the other side of the world. The T-Logger can provide you with the reassurance you need and the extra guarantee that goods are always within safe temperatures.

  Features at-a-glance :

°C/°F Ranges
•  Through the PC application software, the HI143 can be programmed to read in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

  Data Logging
•  The HI143 can store up to 4,000 measurements at selectable intervals from 1 minute to 24 hours.
•  Users can start logging through the PC software, the button on the face of the datalogger, or at a set time.

  Enhanced Battery Life
•  The HI143 uses CR2032 3V lithium ion batteries to achieve a long battery life of about 2 years at 25°C.

LCD Display
•  The LCD clearly displays the status of the datalogger, the temperature reading and units, information regarding alarms, and battery level.

Locking Wall Cradle
•  A convenient wall cradle holds the HI143 T-Logger in place, whether it be on a truck or in a warehouse. A supplied lock and key help to further prevent tampering.

PC Connectivity
•  The HI143 can be controlled through a PC by simply placing the instrument on the HI143002 USB communication dock.
•  A security password can be set to ensure that the data collected is tamper-proof and secure when transferring or organizing logged data.

  Programmable Alarms
•  High and low alarm thresholds can be programmed to alert users if the temperature readings go outside of the acceptable range.

  Status Indicator Light
•  The LED light located on the cradle blinks to indicate that communication with the PC is active during data transfer.


 Range (°C)                 : -30.0 to 70.0°C
 Range (°F)                  : -22.0 to 158.0°F
 Resolution (°C)           : 0.1°C
 Resolution (°F)           : 0.1°F
 Accuracy (°C)             : ±0.4°C (-20 to 60°C); ±0.6°C (outside)
 Accuracy (°F)             : ±0.7°F (-4 to 140°C); ±1.1°F (outside)
 Calibration                 : factory-calibrated
 Data Logging             : up to 4000 samples
 Logging Interval        : user selectable, from 1 minute to 24 hours
 Battery Type / Life      : CR2032 3V lithium ion / approximately 2 years
 Protection                  : IP65 (water-resistant)
 Dimensions                : 60 x 37 x 17 mm (2.4 x 1.5 x 0.7’’)
 Ordering Information : HI143 is supplied with CR2032 lithium battery, wall cradle, lock and instructions. HI143-10 is supplied with HI143 logger,

HI143002 USB communication cradle, Windows® compatible application software, CR2032 lithium battery, wall cradle, lock and instructions.

 Warranty                    : 2 years

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