GLS 80 Stirred Reactor

materials used: PP/PTFE/PEEK/stainless steel

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•   By using components from the GLS 80 connection system, an additional media bottle (OD hose: 1.6 – 12.0 mm)2 can be connected or a sterile pressure equalizer attached.
•   GLS 80 stirred reactor is suitable for a wide range of laboratory mixing processes.
•   Drive for the stirrer is provided by a standard commercial magnetic stirrer.
•   The connections (2 x GL 14, 2 x GL 18) provided permit addition or removal of media from the bottle during the mixing process.
•   The whole unit can be autoclaved and is therefore suitable for biological applications.
•   The variable stirrer shaft can be used in DURAN GLS 80 laboratory glass bottles (1 000 and 2 000 ml) and provides notably improved mixing in comparison with standard magnetic stirring bars.
•   The agitating element is exchangeable and use up to 500 rpm is possible.
•   Typical applications: mixing of liquids, dissolving of solids, simple fermentation processes.

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